In the last quarter of 2012 the company I was working for notified employees that they were changing the health coveraged offered by the company. The change required employees to pay higher deductibles and perform additional functions to qualify for benefits. Since I was already qualified for Medicare I decided to not enroll in the company plan and move my coverage over to Medicare. in mid november I went to the medicare website and enrolled and then tried to enroll with AARP Medicare Complete for my Supplemental coverage. That's when the nightmare began. No matter what I did the AARP system would not let me enroll. It kept telling me I was not eligible. Medicare said I was enrolled and eligible for the AARP coverage but AARP couldn't get me covered. It took over 20 phone calls to the problem resolved. I finally showed up on the AARP system in late December. In early January sustained and eye injury and had to go to my eye doctor. This was my first visit in qa few years and the staff at Brevard Eye Center verified my coverage. They called me and advised that my AARP coverage was not active. Nobody could explain to me why. I had to make multiple calls to AARP and Medicare to get this resolved. The bill was stuill unpaid as of beginning of March. I also signed up for a gym membership under the Silver Sneakers program from AARP. My membership was cancelled in error by Silver Sneakers two weeks after I signed up. It took me two weeks to get my membership reinstated.  I was finally able to get everything resolved except the bill for the eye doctor. I'm still waiting for that to be resolved. This was one of the worst customer service experiences I have ever encountered. I am not looking forward to changes from Obama Care that I know are coming in 2013. 


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